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Cindy L.

My skin feels incredibly soft, fresh and plump after I use this mask. It also makes my pores look noticeably smaller. Love it!

Daisy G.
So heavy duty it could replenish the moisture of the Sahara

I have dry skin and got a ten of these for free form the store. They came seemingly at the right time my skins moisture barrier was destroyed after a certain toner *cough* 90% Aloe Toner *cough* from the first application it left my skin sticky but more than well hydrated it did leave some little pulpy things on my face, like plant cellulose, i'm guessing from the mask. for the first time ever I felt that I didn't even need to use an lotion or cream to hydrate afterwards (dangerous I know >: ) )
definitely everyone should try at least once

Sheryl Reyes

I really love the bamboo mask sheet,it makes my skin soft and light. I highly recommend this product and the aloe Vera mask sheer tooo I will definitely order it again. And I always do.

Kevin Meng


The Mask of My Dreams!

I don’t know where to start... I bought this sheet mask because I had never tried a bamboo mask but had always wanted to. The idea of bamboo in skincare was very appetizing to me because bamboo has a large amount of silica, which really helps to promote collagen. Bamboo also is supposed to help with acne, and that sounded right up my alley. Other than that, this mask has some other great ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Glycerin, and Sea Water. Another aspect to this mask is the price point. I paid only $1.90 USD for this sheet mask. I personally hate it when I find a sheet mask I want to buy and it ends up being $4 for one mask. Lastly, I have to comment on the physical aspects of this mask. This mask fit perfectly! A lot of masks are even too big for my giant melon head (ha ha ha) but this one fit like a glove. Additionally, the mask feels nice on my face. No irritation, no greasy feeling, and no film like residue. I’m not going to lie, right after taking this mask off I thought it was kind of sticky but after a few minutes it went away and I could easily carry on with the rest of my skincare routine. Overall, I think this mask is soothing, delightful, worth the purchase.
For Reference: My skin type is Oily, Sensitive, and Acne Prone.