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Dinh Gao
Good product

Feel so soft & smooth after use. Hair loss control

Great shampoo!

This shampoo is truly great! Ever since I’ve used this set, my scalp doesn’t itch anymore. The smell is also fairly pleasantly with a hint of minty tea tree oil? Very light and not overwhelming at all. It foams up great even with one pump and leaves your scalp feeling refreshed.
My one downside to this is that this shampoo is SO small and expensive for the amount. Since I like to order more in the future I hope the company comes up with a bulk size shampoo to save more plastic and for consumers to get more out of their pocket for the actual product and not the container/shipping!

Dree H
will update soon

so far I really love the shampoo brush, it feels great on my scalp! The hair treatment is really nice, the smell is nice without being strong, the formula is not too heavy and rinses off easily, my hair looks much healthier now after I dry it. I can't review the shampoo just yet as I'm currently finishing my previous shampoo, however I think I'll really like it based off what I've seen from the hair treatment. All in all this is a great set!

Robert Lopez
Great product!

I really love this shampoo, it is well balanced. It doesn't leave my hair dry or oily. It helps with breakage and has a pleasant scent. I bought a bottle before but purchased the gift set soon after because it is such a good deal!

Quite good

This product was quite good.